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ESS,  established in 2021 in Turkey, provides high quality and tailor made EHS solutions for clients who ask for speed, responsiveness  and flexibility. 

HSE concept for health safety environmen

ESS is dedicated to provide clients:

  • An environmental and social advice free from "consultant language"

  • An experienced network of experts coming from corporate backgrounds

  • An agile service

  • Sensible local advice

  • A clear definition of its technical capabilities

  • Contracting struggles to the smallest extent

  • A proportional professional liability to its working volume

ESS experts understand the global standards very well but are also aware of local concerns.

Who do we provide services for?

  • Capital providers

  • Global ESG companies which need local expertise

  • Private equities

  • Global industrial and commercial groups looking for third party EHS audits for their facilities

  • Vendors or buyers looking for due diligence environmental site assessment

  • Sites with soil and groundwater contamination issues

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